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Friday, April 26 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

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Picture Buyers

What does PaidPictures.com do?

We specialize in getting companies the pictures they need from different parts of the world.
Be it Johannesburg, Moscow, New York or Shanghai, our international team will get you what you want.
Among our customers we find all kinds of companies, from shop owners to travel agencies, website owners, a restaurant chain, a lobby group, etc...
We offer you custom-made royalty-free digitized pictures. Let us know what you are looking for. Contact us



I'm a photographer, why should I sign up ?

When taking high-quality pictures is something you love, and you want to earn some money doing it, you have come to the right place. We give you all the information you need, e.g. what kind of pictures we need, the resolution, the format (JPEG, etc.), and so on. All you have to do is take the pictures, e-mail them to us and get paid.

I live in Japan, can you use my help ?

Yes, of course. We need photographers from all around the world: Japan, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, United States, Germany, Singapore, France, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Italy, United Kingdom,.. the list is endless.

I live in a small town, will I be asked to take pictures ?

Most of our members live in or near big cities and they do get offered most of the assignments but by no means does that mean we won’t offer you assignments when you live in a small town or city.

Do I get paid for every picture I mail you ?

We pay per assignment. When we have an assignment available, we let you know what it is, how many pictures we need, what the deadline is, etc. We might ask for some review pictures first. When we like what we see, we will ask you to get started on the assignment.

The pictures I mailed you, may I sell them to someone else ?

No, you may not. The pictures become the exclusive intellectual property of PaidPictures.com and are protected under International Copyright Laws.

What clients do you have ?

We have different clients, some of them offer us the opportunity to take pictures on an ongoing basis while others only need pictures once. We often get editorial calendars that tell us what pictures are needed and when they are needed. We then mail the client – usually companies with an internet presence – a package of say 20 to 50 pictures per day or per week. The amount of pictures requested varies widely. For competitive reasons most of our clients ask us not to disclose their names but we can tell you that we work for photo stock agencies, magazines, shop owners, travel agencies among others.

How do I get paid?

We prefer to pay via PayPal which is an Ebay company.

Will I need a PayPal account?

There is no need for you to have one already. If you do have one, all the better but it is not something you have to have before you sign up to PaidPictures.com. When we pay you for your pictures, we e-mail PayPal and they will send you an e-mail that says "You've Got Cash!". You, the recipient can then collect the money when you click the link in the e-mail that takes you to PayPal's website. When you decide to collect the money you will obviously need to sign up but it’s fast and it’s free.

When do you pay for the pictures that get accepted by you?

Within 1 month after you mailed us those pictures.

What costs are associated with a PayPal account?

A PayPal Personal Account is free. When we make a payment however, PayPal charges a cross-border fee of approximately 1%. Keep in mind that when the transaction involves a currency conversion, it will be completed at a retail foreign exchange rate determined by PayPal. If you have a PayPal Premier/Business Account then PayPal charges you up to approximately 3,4% + $0.35 to receive money. Please note: it's not necessary to have a Paypal Premier or Business Account to work with PaidPictures.com. A PayPal Personal Account is free, therefore the PayPal Personal Account is recommended by PaidPictures.com.

When you withdraw money and you live outside the U.S. and/or have a US bank account, they charge a withdrawal fee of approximately $1. There is also a minimum withdrawal amount, it is approximately $10.

Please note: The prices and fees mentioned are given to you solely by way of indication. It may very well be that the prices and fees end up being higher or lower. We do not accept responsibility if this occurs. For more details about withdrawals and fees, please read PayPal's Payments Policy.

How many email addresses am I allowed to use when I mail you my pictures?

Only one, the one you signed up with. This is because we do not accept photographs from unknown people. Please notify us when you need to change your e-mail address. If possible try to use an e-mail provider that gives you storage of over 4MB , because when other companies happen to mail you junk mail, you might not have the space necessary to receive a "You 've Got Cash" e-mail from PayPal. For everyone’s convenience we ask you to ensure that the e-mail address you use for your PayPal account (when you have one) is the same as the one you use to mail us pictures and subscribed with.